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Installing Fonts

All our fonts can be purchased from our Website here: Shop or on Creative Market.

If you are having any issues not found on this page,feel free to contact me directly using the Contact Form


  • Once you have purchased your font & downloaded it: Unzip the file > right-click either the .OTF or .TTF font files > click Install > That's it!

MAC OS X desktop

  • After you unzip your font product files, you will see .OTF or .TTF files. To install a font, just double click on the OTF or TTF file.



  • coming soon!

on MAC OS X desktop

In Adobe Programs

  • Use the Built in Kerning - Be sure to use the font's built‑in kerning by verifying the “metric” kerning is “on”.

    • To do this: SELECT “METRICS” (in the kerning option), FROM THE CHARACTER PANEL;

  • Reset Tracking - Verify the tracking is reset to “0”. You can do this in the Character panel;

  • Update Software - Make sure you have your Adobe Programs Updated to the most recent version.

  • Turn “off” or “on” Fractional Widths - By default, the software uses fractional character widths between characters. This means that the spacing between characters varies, and will sometimes use only fractions of whole pixels. In most situations, fractional character widths provide the best spacing for type appearance and readability.  But not always, so to turn it “off” go to Character Panel > Click on the menu option (top right) > Choose “Fractional Widths”

  • Choose “All Classes” Filter - Have you ever installed a font, and just can’t find it in your Adobe software dropdown font list? Verify in the Characters Panel, that "All Classes" is chosen, which will display ALL your installed fonts irregardless of what class they are in, and this ensures that none are hiding. To do this, so you can find any and all fonts after easily after they are installed. To do this go to the Character Panel > Open the font drop down list > you will see a new option “Filter” which should have “All Classes” chosen. If it doe not, simply choose it from the drop down option in the “Filter”

  • Other Adobe Issues - Having other Adobe issues not listed here? Adobe has a font troubleshooting page on their site: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/troubleshoot-fonts-photoshop.html

Helpful Tips


  • Always make sure to unzip the font file before installing any font. You can't use the .ZIP file in the Fonts folder directly

Any other questions? Feel free to message me directly, I'm happy to help!