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FREEBIE: Botanical Wallpaper

freebieAlicia Youngken
FEATHERANDSAGE_September Wallpaper.jpg

Happy Friday folks! Hope your week has been a good one overall. For me it has been a bit different as I'm recovering from a surgery that I'm so glad to finally put behind me... catching up on a lot of Zzzzz's has been nice for a change, although it can be a bit challenging for me to do nothing at times ((except drink coffee, which is never a bad thing)). It's necessary 'me' time while I heal, and recoup.

If you follow me on instagram @featherandsagedesign, you may already know that I had ganglion cyst surgery last Monday that turned out to be way more than I initially thought. My hand and arm are bandaged up so that it looks like I'm carrying around a nicely wrapped burrito that's almost the size of a newborn, lol. Anyways, yesterday while recuperating I did a bit of minimal botanical leaf sketching on my iPad Pro and loved the results so much that I thought I'd share it as an iPad and/or Desktop wallpaper. Check out the details below, and enjoy!.


That's all for now, enjoy!  ;)



"September Wallpaper Botanicals"


All files are .jpg only & include the following sizes:

iPad (2 styles/ 3 colors) 1080 x 1440px

Desktop (1 style/3 colors) 1920 x 1080px


*For Personal Use Only!



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