the scoop




I'm Alicia, the owner, artist, and designer behind F+S. I'm an independent graphic designer based in the Atlanta area, blessed to be working out of my home studio (sometimes in my pajamas). I love to illustrate, and design especially especially when it comes to sharing my creations through my resource shop.

My style has evolved and is reflective of my love for all things vintage, modern, and nostalgic. Whether it's design or interior decor... vintage modern is just what I love.

My background in a nut shell includes fine art photography, visual arts, and design. I'm primarily self educated with two years of college under my belt followed by over 6 years spent learning design and photography through online e-courses, in person classes & workshops, a variety of online resources, and some really great books to build and broaden my skills. Truly, I find that the life of a designer & photographer means a commitment to continuous learning, and it never stops,  


this + that

  • I'm a wife & mom to three awesome teens
  • Autism Advocate
  • First generation Cuban-American
  • I've mastered the unofficial Spanglish language
  • Believer
  • My motto is "work to live, not to live to work"
  • Daily coffee is a must (a pot of coffee will do)
  • I eat clean (mostly), and am a new Vegan
  • Horse, dog & cat lover
  • DIY all the way
  • Professional stock photographer
  • Movie binge watcher especially sci-fi & Underworld type movies
  • Minions are adorable
  • Music lover especially music from the 90's
  • Collector of vintage finds
  • I can not cook but I can burn toast pretty good
  • Believe in three day weekends **this never happens tho**
  • Optimist on most days
  • If you can't find me, I'm at the library
  • Smitten over Scandi style & minimalist interiors
  • I choose to water the flowers not the weeds **metaphorically speaking of course since I've apparently got a brown thumb**
  • I remove my cat (Mr. C) from blocking my computer screen at least 5x daily... he loves attention **just part of the job**  

F+S mission

At Feather + Sage Design, you will always find a fresh collection of digital resources right at your fingertips. Since our launch in 2013 I've continued to raise the bar and commitment in offering the highest quality resources for small businesses, and creatives. Designing products that are thoughtful, original, and unique. Our library of resources have slowly grown, but there's many more exciting new products due to be released in early 2016. Whether you're a photographer, blogger or creative artist, my mission is to support the ultimate success and growth of your creative endeavors. 


the digital goods

  • web marketing
  • textures
  • overlays
  • templates
  • text overlay
  • social icons
  • vectors
  • illustration
  • pattern design
  • branding assets
  • photo effects
  • hand lettering
  • templates
  • graphics




For more information check out the blog where you can find some freebies, support & tutorials, and keep up with the latest news, resource, and products.