NEW BLOG for 2016


Hope you're having the best new year ever!  Lots of exciting changes, and things have been happening lately. If you follow me on my new Instagram account, you may have noticed that I announced a relaunch of my website recently or as I like to call it 'cleaning house". Along with the recent relaunch of my site, I've also had plans to move my blog over to the same web platform I'm currently using (Squarespace, it's the bee's knees). For the longest I've always been a Blogger user. Why? Simply because I found it easy to use and customize, and it's free (and I like free).  As many of us know; however, free isn't always the best option. Well long story short, I have experienced some funky glitches and hiccups with Blogger (nothing major, and actually it was very rare but nonetheless annoying, and time consuming). So after experiencing a steady growth with F+S and after using my current website platform for a good while now, I knew it was a move was inevitable, and positive. So without further ado, this is officially my first blog post for the new F+S blog).



If you like freebies, feel free to visit the old blog to download my current available digital resource freebies. You can click on the following images or the link button below to check them out. Enjoy!



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